Saturday, October 25, 2014
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  • Comeback Kid and Phoenix Youth Centre
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    Comeback Kid and Phoenix Youth Centre The sun was shining, not a cloud in sight, the perfect afternoon for a couple of beverages and sunbaking. But through the doors of the Phoenix Youth Centre on Sunday 19th October stand a crowd with other plans dressed for winter, and the only light in the entire room was the down lights on the ceiling facing the stage, of which was soon to be occupied by the best hardcore bands in Australia. Born Free, Free World, Outright, Relentless and Iron Mind were feature acts on the day accompanied by…
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  • Allday - Capitol, 17 October 2014
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    Allday - Capitol, 17 October 2014 The line up on Friday was a loud yell from the new generation of hip hop fans. With a youthful exuberance sparking with arrogance, Capitol bulged with a sold out crowd. When I walked into Capitol Baro was deep into a set that was bouncing over a healthy crowd. This 17 year old who is on the same label, New World Artists as Allday has a rich style that is laidback and incredibly soulful. Setting a very high standard for the night, Baro showed that Australian hip hop is strong…
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  • Slaves@ The Oxford Art Factory, 12/10/2014
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    Slaves@ The Oxford Art Factory, 12/10/2014 The notorious Johnny Craig has returned to Australia with his new outfit Slaves backing him up. Playing to a myriad of new and old fans, the show at The Oxford Art Factory was a great example of the talent that is imbedded within this band. With a slew of support acts, the night did present a challenge for the first couple of support acts. Conscious Alive brought their spirited enthusiasm to the stage to ignite the crowd yet fell slightly short of their desired outcome. Then it was Ready For The…
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  • SAY ANYTHING - Amplifier Perth - 15th October 2014
    SAY ANYTHING - Amplifier Perth - 15th October 2014 Say Anything By Melanie Scrafton Image by Georgia Sassenfeld 6 piece LIVE band formed by Max Bemis in 2000 from Los Angeles. Described as American Punk or Emo, Pop Punk Discography ▪   Baseball: An Album by Sayanything (2001) ▪   Menorah/Majora EP (2002) ▪   ...Is a Real Boy (2004) ▪   In Defense of the Genre (2007) ▪   Say Anything (2009) ▪   Anarchy, My Dear (2012) ▪   Hebrews (2014) AMN caught up with the band at Amplifier in Perth for their first date on this Australian tour promoting their latest release ‘Hebrews’…
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  • Q&A with Tommy Vincent from Prong
    Written by
    Q&A with Tommy Vincent from Prong Prong might have initially formed in 1986 and gone through many line-up changes, but they have never toured Australia before. They will change that this November. Ahead of the tour, I spoke with lead singer, Tommy Vincent about the Ruining Lives album, what to expect from their upcoming and much more. Check out what Tommy had to say below. Maggie: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Tommy: I was frustrated with the world, living and my whole upbringing. There wasn’t much to do and I…
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  • Q & A with Julian Simonsz
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    Q & A with Julian Simonsz With the release of a new Ep and a finely tuned music video, The Voice Australia contestant Julian Simonsz has been keeping busy. Luckily, he took some time out to speak to AMN to share what is happening in his life both personally and professional.   Scott: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? My love for music and passion for song writing and producing is what really inspired me to pursue a career in music. It was my life circumstances at the time when I felt like everything fell in…
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  • Q&A with Craig Owens from CHIODOS
    Written by
    Q&A with Craig Owens from CHIODOS Ahead of their first Australian tour in five years taking place early next year, I spoke with founding member and CHIODOS front man, Craig Owens about his love of music, the themes explored on the latest album Devil, what to expect from the upcoming tour and so much more.  Check out what the lovely Mr. Owens had to say below! Maggie: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Craig: I don’t really think that there is a person. What? I mean, I just love singing. Singing…
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  • Syre & Fresko
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    Syre & Fresko In Melbourne, there is a duo that formed in September 2012 by the name of Syre & Fresko and they tell their stories and stories of others through song. The duo is an alternative husband and wife duo still finding their way in music and life. Whilst both still may be finding their way, they both have distinct moments in their lives that led them to pursue their own musical dreams. For Syre, he saw Steve Grace live when he was around six years old and was in awe of…
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