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  • Prepared Like a Bride @ Phoenix Youth Centre
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    Prepared Like a Bride @ Phoenix Youth Centre Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, defined as “something to say when you have nothing to say”. That was the ONLY word to describe what happened at Phoenix Youth Centre in Footscray on Sunday 26th October 2014. The young and passionate crowd would have witnessed what would have been one of the best local line-ups at the Youthie to date! Alpha Wolf, Hands of Hope, Sentinel, I, Valiance, Graves and Gold Coast headliner Prepared Like a Bride absolutely smashed their sets out of the ball park, and ensured every single person in that crowd was…
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  • Welcome to the Valley
    Welcome to the Valley Welcome to the Valley Saturday 25th October 2014 Oktoberfest meets the WA Swan Valley for a quality new event. The concept is without doubt an inspired collaboration combining the German historical beer festival that is celebrated all over the world and great exposure of Perth’s wine region in the Swan Valley. The pre-events started at 1pm at two separate locations in the Valley region. The Feral Brewery and Oakover Wine Estate. Oakover was my choice of venue for this fun day. Even on arrival the scale of organization was apparent,…
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  • PREPARED LIKE A BRIDE w/ Graves, I Valiance, Sentinel, Hands of Hope & Alpha Wolf @ Phoenix Youth Centre, October 2014
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    PREPARED LIKE A BRIDE w/ Graves, I Valiance, Sentinel, Hands of Hope & Alpha Wolf @ Phoenix Youth Centre, October 2014 William Easton: I'm going to be straight with you. At your age, and with the development of your cancer, it's simply not feasible for Umbrella Health--  John Kramer: Wait, wait, wait. What's unfeasible? By whose mathematical equation is this not feasible? William Easton: It's policy, John. It's policy. And if you go outside the system to seek out this treatment, which has been deemed ineffective, you will be in breach of policy and dropped from coverage completely. I'm sorry. The type of cancer you have is malignant and inoperable.  John…
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  • Common & Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) - Metrocity, 22 October 2014
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    Common & Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) - Metrocity, 22 October 2014 Hip hop artists are notoriously known as a different ball game when it comes to tour management. After cancelling his Sydney appearance at Soulfest due to misadventure, and his Friday sideshow in Brisbane due to a sore throat, Perthies should consider themselves lucky that Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) appeared. A line-up as respected as Common and Yasiin Bey appeared to bring out a lot of dedicated hip hop fans. I love rocking up to these hip hop gigs and seeing on the door, “No hats, no hoodies, no sneakers. No…
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    OUIJA BEATS artist interviews - PANAMA, BASENJI, NORTH EAST PARTY HOUSE, COSMOS MIDNIGHT and TWIN CAVERNS So Ouija Beats (tickets HERE) is coming up tomorrow night (31/10/14) at Luna Park Big Top in Sydney and I thought it would be a good idea to have a chat to some of the artists who will be performing there. Below is my collective Q&A to members from five of the bands – PANAMA, BASENJI, NORTHEAST PARTY HOUSE (drummer Malcolm Besley), COSMO'S MIDNIGHT and TWIN CAVERNS (Michael Macias and Louise Millar). I think it makes for Interesting reading comparing everyone’s responses. Enjoy the read and if you are in Sydney,…
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  • Hand of Mercy
    Hand of Mercy Hand of Mercy By Melanie Scrafton   5 piece band from Sydney formed in 2007. Hand of Mercy is Nick Bellringer – Vocals, Adam M – Guitar, Josh – Guitar, Dawson – Bass & CJ - Drums Described as Hardcore Discography Trash the Party (2007) EP Scum of the Earth (2008) EP The Fallout (2010) Last Lights (2012) Resolve (2014) AMN got the chance to talk Dawson from Hand of Mercy about what the band has been up to so far and what comes next. AMN – What’s coming up for…
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  • Witchgrinder
    Witchgrinder Witchgrinder By Melanie Scrafton 4 piece band from Melbourne, formed in 2010, Witchginder are Travis Everett - Vocals, Guitar and Programing, Ryan Potts - Lead Guitar, Walker Hell - Bass Guitar & Shane Turville - Drums and Samples. Described as Industrial Metal Discography - Trioxin 2-4-5 (2010) EP The Demon Calling (2013) AMN got the chance to have a quick chat with Travis Everett from Witchgrinder just days before their visit to Perth to perform at INCURSION on Sat 1st Nov 2014 Q&A AMN – Is this the first time…
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  • Q&A with Saint Saviour
    Written by
    Q&A with Saint Saviour Saint Saviour is the moniker of London-based singer/songwriter and producer, Becky Jones. Formerly of Groove Armada, Jones moved into a solo career in 2012 and self-released two EPs and her debut album in Union. Her sophomore release, In The Seams, will be released next Monday 3 November and it is a release that Saint Saviour is very proud of. Read on to discover more about the industrious London-based musician. Maggie: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Becky: Lots of things really, I grew up surrounded…
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