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  • Courtney Barnett - Fly By Night, 26 September 2014
    Written by
    Courtney Barnett - Fly By Night, 26 September 2014 Fly By Night is a great venue where you can literally see the history on the walls with all its gig and tour posters of artists, some stayers and others who were a flashpoint at the time on the musical landscape. Barnett may very well become a point of interest on these walls in years to come, as it’s clear she’s a rising star. Her supporting act D D Dumbo, aka Oliver Perry is a Victorian artist who is essentially a one-man band, with his experimental pop constructed from his…
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  • Sara Bareilles - Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne 20th September, 2014
    Written by
    Sara Bareilles - Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne 20th September, 2014 From the moment Sara took to the stage at the Athenaeum theatre in Melbourne, her comedic personality had the crowd laughing, relaxed and ready to enjoy her show. She kicked off the show with arguably one of her biggest hit to date, 2007’s “Love Song” which, accompanied by a percussionist and keyboardist, had feet tapping through the intimate, but packed theatre. Sara’s interactions with the crowd made you feel as though you were sitting in your lounge-room talking with one of your best friends. Although asking for forgiveness for being…
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  • Amberdown "Miss Mediocrity" EP Launch @ The Causeway
    Written by
    Amberdown "Miss Mediocrity" EP Launch @ The Causeway Hello dear readers and welcome to another review of yet another gig that started off with some very bizarre methods for securing a media pass! A Facebook friend was helping promote Amberdown’s Miss Mediocrity EP Launch, but couldn’t get us a door spot. Quite happy to pay the ten bucks to get in but I was still curious to see if there just weren’t any door spots or if my FB friend just wasn’t sure how to secure them. I messaged Pete Knott of September Sun who put me on…
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  • John Garcia/WAXY/Mammoth Mammoth @ Oxford Art Factory 11/9/14
    Written by
    John Garcia/WAXY/Mammoth Mammoth @ Oxford Art Factory 11/9/14 Ahh John Garcia – a name synonymous with some pretty legendary bands both past and present. Bands like Kyuss; Vista Chino; Unida and Slo Burn have all received the legendary John Garcia treatment, and have previously visited our shores. This time round, however, the tour was showcasing John’s new self-titled solo album, John Garcia, whilst paying homage to his previous work. His first solo offering still has his trademark gritty California desert stoner rock sound, but also reveals a slightly bluesier, soulful side. As a result, tonight’s show promised a…
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  • Interview with GEORGE KALPA
    Written by
    Interview with GEORGE KALPA George Kalpa. Who is he? What is his music like? Where can I see him? All these questions and more are answered below in my interview with him recently. Anything more you want to find out, just check his links below.  Dave - Where did your love for the performing arts begin for you and with music in particular? GK - I studied piano at an early age and hated it. I didn't want to learn other peoples pieces.  What I enjoyed was writing my own music. Short attention span…
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  • Q&A with Cam Gilmour
    Written by
    Q&A with Cam Gilmour The incredible Melbourne-based instrumental musician, Cam Gilmour had a chat with me on a Wednesday morning about his musical inspirations and how his upcoming new EP Anhedonia differs to his debut A Bellyful of Classics. Also, I discovered the story behind the lead single from the latest EP, due for release on Tuesday 7 October and so much more. It’s time to get acquainted the stunningly talented Cam Gilmour. Maggie: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Cam: I’ll tell you this quick story. When I…
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  • Chasing Tuesday
    Written by
    Chasing Tuesday Playing music and just having fun with it perfectly symbolises the Sydney/Newcastle-based duo known as Chasing Tuesday. Featuring Chris Sampson (lead vocals) and Martin Karafilis (backing vocals), the duo shares the song writing and lead work with the guitar. Some songs are written individually whilst others are collaborations with friends. Sampson and Karafilis also do all of their own production and mixing. Creating acoustic tunes inspired by life experiences and the journeys taken to become who they are, Sampson and Karafilis as Chasing Tuesday were inspired to pursue a career…
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  • Inventions
    Written by
    Inventions Inventions is a slice of alternative punk-rock pizza with theatrical cheese on top – they are also a five-piece indie alt-rock band from Melbourne. Featuring Jake (vocals/piano/guitar), Ryan (drums/sound guy), Will (guitar/samples), Keli (bass/backing vocals) and Sean (rhythm guitar), it was Evanescence’s Amy Lee that Jake cites as his first source of inspiration. It was right around the time when he was teaching himself piano at 11/12 years of age. He became obsessed with playing piano and then singing that led Jake to realise he wanted to be a songwriter/performer.…
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