Monday, September 01, 2014
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  • Poison City Weekender 14' @ The Corner Hotel
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    Poison City Weekender 14' @ The Corner Hotel Normally when you hear the words ‘poison’ and ‘city’ in the same sentence, you know it’s going to be a good night. The reason for that is because Poison City Records have developed a reputation over its time, which means every event they host is likely to be a rollicking affair. As the crowd gathered outside and inside The Corner Hotel, you could just sense this particular Friday night Weekenderfest was going to be special. Poison City fans, natives and extended family were all a part of the mixed crowd,…
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  • Queen + Adam Lambert
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    Queen + Adam Lambert QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT 29/8/2014 ROD LAVER ARENA   Adam Lambert is perfectly suited to his role in Queen. He plays Adam Lambert perfectly.    Camp, glittery, sultry and pouty, Adam leads the audience through the catalogue of Queen material with such flair and confidence that hardened Queen fans took no time at all to start dancing in the aisles.    The Taylor family dominates the rhythm section. Roger and Rufus Taylor, Father and son, alternate between drummer and percussionist and even have a short drum battle mid show. The apple…
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  • Kevin Bloody Wilson at the Hallam Hotel 12/8/14
    Kevin Bloody Wilson at the Hallam Hotel 12/8/14 This was no gig for the hyper-sensitive. You know exactly what you are in for at a Kevin Bloody Wilson gig. And as he told the audience a few songs in: this is a political correctness free zone. I ordered a pot 'n parma after crossing the pokies room at the Hallam Hotel. Big blokes in flannies and Holden tees sat with their sheilas in front of the small stage in the band room. I embraced my inner bogan! Jenny Talia Jenny Talia opened the show. The daughter of the…
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  • SPIDERBAIT + The Gooch Palms @ Metro Theatre 08/08/14
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    SPIDERBAIT + The Gooch Palms @ Metro Theatre 08/08/14 Spiderbait launched their first National Tour in over a decade @ Sydney’s Metro Theatre. Supported by Newcastle’s own Shit–pop duo “The Gooch Palms” Lead singer guitarist Leroy Macqueen was in a tame mood tonight “no nudity”. But it didn’t take long for his drooling and sneering to win over the 40 something       crowd, what isn’t there to like about a lead singer in pink underpants and red tank top and his partner Kat Friend in a matching outfit bangin away on her two drum kit. Shit-pop at its dirtiest. The Gooch…
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  • Interview with Graham Crabb from POP WILL EAT ITSELF
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    Interview with Graham Crabb from POP WILL EAT ITSELF Pop Will Eat Itself are here right now (checkout where you can catch them below) and I managed to get Graham Crabb sharing just a little. They have been around a long time now and are well worth your attention so when you get finished reading the interview, checkout their links and then buy a ticket for one of their shows coming up soon. Dave - Who or what inspired you guys to pursue a career in music together all those years ago? I think it's fair to say punk…
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  • Interview with Masato from COLDRAIN
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    Interview with Masato from COLDRAIN COLDRAIN are one of the great overseas bands coming across to entertain us at Soundwave 2015 early next year. In fact I think they were the first band booked for the event. I managed to shoot Masato a few questions about the band and his answers are below. Soundwave is going to be huge, as usual, and the band will be there so make sure you check them out. To find out more about the band, or Soundwave for that matter, check out the links below.   Dave - Who…
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  • Q&A with Wes Carr
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    Q&A with Wes Carr One of the busiest independent Australian singer/songwriters of the moment has to be Wes Carr. I was lucky enough to chat with him about his new single Anthem, his involvement in the Pete Evans ‘The Paleo Way’ Tour and Rolling Thunder Vietnam and many other interesting things. See what Mr. Carr had to say below. Maggie: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Wes: Michael Jackson’s Thriller album when I was 2 years old and it never stopped. I just wanted to listen to Al Jolson…
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  • Theory Of A Deadman - Savages
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    Theory Of A Deadman - Savages   It finally seems that after four albums of complaining about the opposite sex, Tyler Connolly has moved on to something bigger....well mostly. This time around on album number five Connolly and Co seem largely disgruntled by the state of the world itself. In fact they seem so disgruntled on Savages that they seem more than happy to drown or blow their own heads off to escape. With lyrical snipes at the opposite sex, sitting largely in the backseat for this one, Theory of a Deadman offers fans what is…
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