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  • MONIQUE BRUMBY at the Northcote Social Club Melbourne 19/7/14
    Written by
    MONIQUE BRUMBY at the Northcote Social Club Melbourne 19/7/14 MONIQUE BRUMBY and band Northcote Social Club 19/7/14 by Dave Bruce OK, so I like Monique Brumby. I had a long conversation with her only a couple of weeks ago for the site (http://www.myamn.com.au/index.php/artists/item/1429-interview-with-monique-brumby) and I must say she is one sweet woman with a beautiful soul. I am a fan of most Aussie artists, and she has been around for a long time. She has a beautiful voice, and a wicked songwriting talent, and when she steps out live with her band, you are in for a good night of…
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    KEITH URBAN blog by KAYLEE BELL WRITTEN IN THE STARS For as long as I can remember Country Music has been a huge part of my life. I began singing country music at the age of four years in New Zealand with my elder siblings. Weekends were spent singing or listening to country music, largely American influenced as that is all we could get access to in New Zealand before Youtube and iTunes. For as long as I can remember Keith Urban was an artist I admired for his voice, guitar playing abilities and songwriting skills.…
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  • Pimps of Sound Birthday Bash - The Oddfellow, 12 July 2014
    Written by
    Pimps of Sound Birthday Bash - The Oddfellow, 12 July 2014 As you descended into the basement bar that is The Oddfellow, you may think you’ve stepped into a gin bar, but the nautical licks and industrial touches tell you that you are still very much in Fremantle. Tonight was a celebration for Pimps of Sound’s birthday, and also a send-off for vocalist Milly James.  Judging by the energy of audience, there was a lot of respect for all groups who performed. Ensemble Formidable, a 7 piece band took to a stage that looked as if it might struggle with a…
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  • SASKWATCH at The Corner Hotel
    Written by
    SASKWATCH at The Corner Hotel   Acclaimed as one of Australia’s most exciting Soul bands, Saskwatch didn’t disappoint for the last date of their Australian tour in Melbourne last night. With a 9piece band, complete with their own horn section, the opening sounds are unique & funky. Bring to the stage lead vocalist Nkechi Anele and the hotel is rocking within minutes. I can only presume Nkechi’s warm-ups are extensive, as she comes out to centre stage and smashes out some AMAZING vocals from the word go. The songs “reasons” and “Your Love” can be…
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  • Q&A with Hockey Dad
    Written by
    Q&A with Hockey Dad Sydney-based pop rock duo, Hockey Dad are going to be huge! I was lucky enough to speak with the guys (Zach Stephenson – vocals/guitar and Billy Fleming - drums) recently about how Hockey Dad came to be, their influences, their upcoming tour and what to expect next from these surf rockers from Illawarra. Check out what they had to say. Maggie: How and when did Hockey Dad form? Billy: We've been mates for like 13 years, but Hockey Dad only formed early last year. Over the past 5 years we've…
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  • Q&A with Keeda
    Written by
    Q&A with Keeda With the recent release of her new single and accompanying video for LOCA, I spoke with Keeda about her musical influences, the inspiration behind the current track and what we can expect next from this triple threat. Maggie: Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music? Keeda: I started off dancing when I was three and I was inspired by my brother. I looked up to him and wanted to be like him. I started hip hop dancing when I was three years old. Then the artists…
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  • Interview with Monique Brumby
    Written by
    Interview with Monique Brumby Monique Brumby is one of our Aussie music treasures. She has been at the forefront of Australian music since she won Arias over twenty years ago and she has a "self titled" new album out that you need to listen to, especially the featured single called "Silent War". Whether you buy the album, or go and see her at one of her shows in the next week or two, check her out. You will be glad you did. I sat down with Monique recently and we had a long chat…
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  • Nick Murray
    Written by
    Nick Murray For Sydney-based folk/blues & roots singer-songwriter Nick Murray, music is primarily a way for him to connect with other people. He adds “the experiences that we have can be so powerful and music is a perfect way of channelling that between people”.  Murray hadn’t really ever thought about the possibility of being a musician when he began playing piano at just 7 years old. It was until he was 19 years old that it became something he could see himself doing for a long time into the future. That exact…
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