Monday, April 21, 2014
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  • Twelve Foot Ninja
    Twelve Foot Ninja Twelve Foot Ninja By Melanie Scrafton   5 piece band formed in 2007 from Melbourne. Kin – vocals Stevic – guitar Rohan Hayes – guitar Damon McKinnon – bass Shane “Russ” Russell - drums Described as Heavy Fusion, Alternative, Cross Genre   Discography New Dawn EP (2008) Smoke Bomb EP (2010) Silent Machine ALBUM (2012)   AMN caught up with the guys on Easter Saturday at The Rosemount in Perth. Supported by The Algorithm, and Perth’s I, Said The Sparrow. The Algorithm I, Said The Sparrow Following tonight’s show the…
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  • July Days – Photos Tour @ Cherry Bar (12/4/14)
    Written by
    July Days – Photos Tour @ Cherry Bar (12/4/14) On a Saturday night at the much loved rock haunt in Cherry Bar, Melbourne indie rock band, July Days, finally came home. The band who formed in 2008 had spent the past few weeks traversing the east-coast in celebration of Photos, the first single taken from their debut album The Night Is For Hunting. It was a complete sell-out and truly special considering the band will soon head to the UK, with their next Melbourne show not happening for some time. On the tour, they were joined by rock/pop five-piece,…
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  • Twelve Foot Ninja @ The Pier Live 5/4/14
    Written by
    Twelve Foot Ninja @ The Pier Live 5/4/14 Twelve Foot Ninja have always been known for their out there and extravagant sound. Fusing progressive metal with the likes of jazz and funk, their solid Australian fan base pushed them to their first international tour supporting none other than Periphery, Born Of Osiris, and Aussie rockers Dead Letter Circus, which seemed nothing other than a great success for the quintet. The Troll Burger Tour hit states all throughout Australia in support of their world record breaking crowd funded music video, and if you haven’t seen how they spent the…
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  • The Best of Giggidy
    Written by
    The Best of Giggidy Where to hide from invading hordes of Pandas? Diego Garcia was the first suggestion but the guys from Pandaphobia weren’t too keen on the whole extraordinary rendition aspect. So they took the next best option Ya-Ya’s! And hey, let’s face it, if you’re going to die horribly at the hands (paws?) of a horde of Pandas what better way to go than play some sweet tunes with a bunch of friends. They kicked the show off with a really high energy versions of all the Pandphobes’ collective faves. The guys…
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  • Killer Be Killed- Killer Be Killed
    Written by
    Killer Be Killed-  Killer Be Killed “A perfect blend of a legend, a freak, a beast and a wookie.” -  Troy Sanders. A strange thing happened today: unusually I was stumped at an appropriate way to start this particular review and was mutely & vacantly staring at a blank document, but the Mastodon frontman and Killer Be Killed protagonist has provided a fitting rubric for me… thanks Troy.  On paper at least, the prospect of this debut album from KBK is surely one of the most tantalizing of any metal supergroup ever and has metal fans worldwide…
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  • The Peeks
    Written by
    The Peeks A few boys from the sleepy town of Williamstown who love life and music – that is the most accurate description for Melbourne folk rock band, The Peeks. The band began in the mid years of high school when Fraser Henry (vocals/guitar) harvested a love of all things Oasis, Fleet Foxes and The Beatles. After learning a few chords, Henry joined forces with Hamish Hudson (drums) who not only lived around the corner, but played drums and owned an amp. Also, he made legendary ham and cheese toasted sandwiches accompanied…
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  • Taylor Henderson - Interview and Mandurah Crabfest review
    Written by
    Taylor Henderson - Interview and Mandurah Crabfest review The crowd was anxiously anticipating the arrival of Taylor Henderson, the teen heartthrob who has shot to stardom after auditioning for 'The X factor'. As Taylor takes to the stage, the very excited crowd sings along to every tune. The stripped back setting not affecting his flawless vocal performance. As he sings his own hit singles 'Borrow My Heart' and 'When You Were Mine' it's pretty clear that the whole crowd is in love with his performance. Throwing in a few covers, including crowd favourites 'The Horses' and 'Human Nature'…
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  • 5 Seconds of Summer - Taking on the World
    Written by
    5 Seconds of Summer - Taking on the World A little over two years ago, a group of teenage boys played their first gig to a room of about a dozen people at Sydney's iconic Annandale Hotel. Since then, they've opened for One Direction on the worldwide Take Me Home tour and are playing their own sold out shows across the UK, USA, and Europe. Their upcoming Australian shows sold out within a couple of minutes, and their first worldwide released single, She Looks So Perfect, holds the number one spot in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. They…
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