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Bonnie Anderson

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Bonnie Anderson Bonnie Anderson Promo

Watching her Mum perform in a band growing up was what prompted Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Bonnie Anderson to want to be a part of the music industry herself. Not only that, but listening to a lot of soul music such as Michael Jackson and all the other greats as well as pop music, well all genres really, spurred Anderson on to pursue her own musical dreams. She first burst onto the scene when she won the inaugural season of Australia’s Got Talent in 2007 when she was just 12 years old. Choosing to focus on being a kid and growing into the artist she is today, Anderson has crafted a career that is just beginning to flourish with the recent release of her debut single Raise The Bar. It is easy to see that music is everything to Anderson she says, “I live and breathe it”. She loves what she gets to do for a living and is living her dream.

Anderson creates her own unique blend of pop/soul music that takes influence from the aforementioned Michael Jackson, but she also lists key influences as Whitney Houston alongside the contemporary Top 40 – artists like Rita Ora, Jessie J and Katy Perry. These last three in particular being strong, independent females with sassy and honest personalities, just like Anderson herself. It is this honesty in her music and who she is as a person that Anderson believes sets her apart from other similar artists. She also likes to have fun and although there’s a lot of people like that in the industry (including her own musical influences), Anderson does so in her own way.

Her debut single Raise The Bar has been a long time coming, but it’s also perfect timing too. Whilst a few other tracks were being thrown around, it was when this track was written that Anderson knew it was the one. It is influenced a lot from her personality – the song itself is cheeky, naughty and fun too. It is a song close to Anderson’s heart in many ways; it is her way of saying to young girls who idolise her now that you should never doubt yourself and importantly she adds, “never settle for second best”, which relates to the title of the track, telling boys to ‘raise the bar’.

Taking time away from the spotlight after winning Australia’s Got Talent was crucial for Anderson. She has learnt so much and grown as a person, song writer and artist. She adds “I wanted to find myself as an artist”. It was a huge risk for Anderson to not take the “15 minutes of fame” route to a music career, but as she says “ was worth it”. Her debut single is testament to that. This growth process saw Anderson learn other instruments including guitar and develop her own artistry through watching others. Including those whom she has shared the stage with in the past such as Jimmy Barnes, Diesel, Vanessa Amorosi, Kate Ceberano and Kasey Chambers – in fact in 2009 when Anderson was just 14 years old, she toured with Jimmy Barnes as one of his backing vocalists – a huge turning point that has led her to where she is today.

With the release of her debut single, talk turns to an album. Anderson assures “it’s in the works”. There never seems to be a time when she isn’t writing, with ideas for future tracks constantly floating around. The album has no definitive release date as of yet, but it’s on the way with a hopeful 2014 release date. Perhaps the first track she ever wrote won’t be making an appearance on the album. It is something that Anderson came across again only recently. It was a track called Black Cat written in black marker. The reason why it was called as such, Anderson had a black cat at the time.

The singer-songwriter, who is now a young lady, is signed to Sony. She says “it’s amazing, I love being a part of the family”. On the day she was signed, Anderson vividly remembers singing an acoustic track in front of Sony boss man Denis Handlin. It has been a great ride so far and she is excited for what the future holds. One thing you can’t fault Anderson for is her passion for music and her dreams for the future. She would ultimately love to perform all around the world and discover new countries. Whilst she lists the famed Madison Square Garden as a dream venue, Anderson also says “I’d love to perform at historic venues...the same stage as the greats”. For the time being though, she is finishing off what could be described as her breakout year, by doing what she loves – writing and performing. In the new year Anderson will be heading to LA on a writing trip – “right after New Year’s” she says.  Hopefully when Anderson returns to Australia she will embark on a national tour of her own. One thing is for sure – bring on 2014, it looks set to be Anderson’s best yet.


Check out the video for Raise The Bar below!

bonnie anderson raise the bar

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Bonnie Anderson - Raise The Bar Bonnie Anderson
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Maggie Sapet (VIC)

VIC, Australia
Ever since I can remember I've wanted to be a music journalist. Plenty of people I say this to try to tell me that such a job doesn't exist. I aim to prove them wrong and continually aspire to be the best music journalist I can be.
I completed a Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne last year and now I'm 100% focussed on becoming a music journalist, in saying that though I'll be the most untraditional of journalists. I write the way I speak and I like it that way. I hope to showcase independent/unsigned Aussie & sometimes international bands and artists.
In saying that though, I'd also love the opportunity to speak with acts signed to the majors too. The dream is to interview the bands who mean the world to me, for their music and everything they stand for as well as who they are as people - Fall Out Boy and Mallory Knox! It will happen one day, I truly believe that! 
"Where words fail, music speaks" - Hans Christian Andersen 

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