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Q&A with Jayden Sierra from The Collective

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Q&A with Jayden Sierra from The Collective The Collective Official Facebook

With the release of The Collective's second single Another Life, I was lucky enough to speak with Jayden Sierra (via email) about who inspired him to pursue a career in music, the new single and what the future holds for The Collective.

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

My parents inspired me to pursue music. They signed me up for my first singing lesson when I was 12 years old because they thought that I had the potential to become a singer. Through their belief in me, in the form of time and money spent on singing lessons, they inspired me to stick to singing and to give it my best effort.

How many songs did you record as demos before deciding on Another Life?

We listened to around 20- 30 songs before we found 'Another Life'. Amongst those songs we found 4 that we thought could suit us. After long recording sessions we were struggling to connect and vibe on the songs, until a writing team named DNA wrote the song 'Another Life' for us.

Did you have a hand in the song writing process of the song at all?

For Another Life The Collective did not have a hand in the writing process, as it was exclusively written by DNA themselves. However, in our free time we are writing songs that we hope one day will be released as The Collective's original tracks.

What was the decision behind making it an up-beat song given the song’s subject matter?

We definitely wanted our next single to be up- beat so that Collectors would have another song to pump them up! It just so happened that the song was about a break up, which turned out to be a clever ironic twist, as people that support us have experienced a romantic relationship gone wrong. Typically, the song uses music to make light of a heart wrenching topic.

Have you experienced a real life situation which the song speaks about?

I haven't experienced a situation exactly to what the song describes, however I have dealt with a rough break up so I can relate to the song.

How is it decided who sings what part of Another Life?

Being together for almost a year now we have come to terms with each other’s strengths and weaknesses, so when deciding parts to sing it is a fairly mutual decision. If there is a section of the song that 2 or more people want to sing then we simply hear them out and make a professional decision as to who sounds best in the given part.

What can we expect from the video clip for Another Life?

In the clip for Another Life you can expect something not typical of a boy band clip. The theme plays on the title in a way that brings a unique idea.

Will another single be released before an originals album is released?

I am not 100% at this point about what is being released next, but I am fairly sure that everyone will agree that another single release is the best way to go before we make a full album

Do you hope to write original tracks for the upcoming album?

Yes, definitely. We are currently writing original songs and will hopefully release them as The Collective's original tracks.

What’s on the horizon for The Collective that Collectors don’t know about yet?

We haven't spoken about any tours yet, mainly because we are so focused on the release of the single, but a goal for the end of this year for us would be to do our own tour or to open for an international artist.

Another Life is out now via ITunes & Sanity










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  • Comment Link Natalie Monday, 16 September 2013 16:29 posted by Natalie

    Hey is there any possibility i could get Jayden's email address! Plz! ti would like you on everything i have just to get his email addres

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